Carpet Cleaning & Repair Services

When it comes to carpet cleaning or carpet repairs, we are experts and have been in the carpet cleaning business for over 20 years. Our team are highly skilled and our carpet cleaning services include: organic carpet cleaning, rug or mat cleaning, as well as specialized services like carpet repairs and persian carpet cleaning.

When it comes to the carpets in your home and keeping them clean, getting a professional to do it is the only way that will have great and lasting results. Carpets look amazing and beautiful when they are clean, and nothing can refresh your home better than having it cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company.

Our carpet cleaning services will take care of:

  • Stain Removal

Have your carpets been spoiled by liquid or oils? That can make your carpet look terrible, thankfully there is a great solution. With our expertise and skilled workers, we can clean your carpet, and have it looking the way it did when you first purchased it. For stain removal, ensure that you act quickly, before the stains damage your carpet permanently.

  • Carpet Cleaning Services GautengPet hair removal

Do you have pets, and is there pet hair all over your carpet? Then you need our carpet cleaning expertise, to get rid of all the pet hair that is on your carpets. Our service is fast and efficient.

  • Disinfect your carpets

Do your carpets have a foul smell and do they need to be disinfected? Let us help you get rid of the bad smell, and get your carpets smelling good and refreshed.

  • Get rid of allergies

Let us clean your carpets and get rid of bacteria, dust particles and pollen, which could potentially make you sick and cause you allergies.

Why customers choose us for their carpet cleaning needs

  • Organic carpet cleaning services

Our carpet cleaning methods are organic, which means they are friendly for your health and the environment. The cleaning solutions are friendly and non-toxic.

  • A carpet cleaning service that is fast and efficient

Our carpet cleaning services are efficient and convenient. With our 20 years of experience, we will restore your carpet’s condition as close to it’s original shape and form as possible. Using our service, you will effectively get rid of odours, shrinkage, pet hair, allergies and other problems that can mess up your carpet.

  • Our carpet repair service is fast and convenient

If your carpet has been damaged, torn or burned, we are the right carpet repair company to fix it for you.
Your carpets go through a lot, considering the traffic that they are subjected to, and vacuuming daily is not enough when it comes to getting rid of all the dirt that ends up in your carpet.

The best and only way to get rid of allergens, odours, pet hair and stains is to contact our carpet cleaning specialists, and let our 20 years of experience work for you.

If you need help keeping your carpets clean, or have any of the issues above, call us today. Our promise to you is 100% customer satisfaction. Our carpet cleaning services and carpet repair services have been tested and are proven to work.

Don’t wait another day, call us today for all your carpet cleaning and carpet repair needs and let us sort your carpet for you!