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Rug & Mat Carpet Cleaning

We are an expert rug and mat carpet cleaning company and we help individuals and businesses alike keep their mats and fine rugs beautiful, clean and stain free. With over 20 years in the rug carpet cleaning business, we have experience in cleaning all types of rugs, including Contemporary, Southwestern, Oriental and Semi-Antique

In addition to rug and carpet cleaning, we are also skilled in curtain cleaning, mattress cleaning and upholstery cleaning.

When it comes to rug and mat carpet cleaning, it is the norm for carpet cleaning companies to deal with food spillages, urine and stools. If you are someone that owns pets, pet urine is one of the issues that you have to deal with, and that needs a rug carpet cleaning solution that really works. The urine’s chemical content is something that’s not friendly to your rugs and mats, as it messes up the colour of the rug, and of course there is the odour that also has to be dealt with. Urine is a terrible thing when it comes to your rugs, as it can also attract moths, which is a problem that you should avoid at all costs.

Rug CarpetAre you dealing with the following issues with your rugs and mats:

1. Food spillages and stains

2. Urine

3. Stools

4. Moths and larva

The moths are not the actual problem when it comes to your rugs and mats, the larva though is a huge one. The problem with moths happens when they lay their eggs on the carpet, which can become impossible to locate. As soon as the eggs hatch, the larvae can mess up your rugs, they can eat the rugs up and really destroy the once beautiful rugs that you once had.

Another problem for rug owners who have pets is stool. Pet stools need to be dealt with professionally, and preferably as soon as it occurs, as it can weaken the dye on the rug and turn your rug into something completely unattractive.

Pet stools, urine and stains need a professional rug and mat carpet cleaning services, if you are looking to preserve them. For all your rug carpet cleaning requirements, contact us. Let our skilled team get your rugs and mats looking clean and beautiful again.